How to Start a Successful Candle-Making Business

Candle-making business basics – understand the fundamentals of the industry so you can be confident you’re starting on the right foot


There’s a HUGE market for candles – and here’s a secret: tapping into it is easier than you think!

Candle sales went up by over 30% in 2021. That means one thing for candle makers: opportunity! Are you already a skilled candle maker, gifting your friends and family new creations every time a special occasion rolls around? Or perhaps you’re interested in picking up a new hobby and starting from scratch. Either way, you’re about to open a magical door… That hobby could be your answer to a lucrative future – one in which you do what you love, fix your own schedule, and simultaneously grow a successful business. But you’re probably not ready to quit your 9-5 just yet… So before you get to that dream, you need to have a clear idea of exactly how to turn your hobby into the perfect opportunity – and you’re about to discover exactly how to do it. First off, let’s get a few things straight:
  • You don’t need an entrepreneurial background to start a successful business
  • You can stop doubting your skills – if you love what you do, you have what it takes to make a success of it
  • Yes, you’re going to be competing with the likes of Yankee Candle – but you can still make yourself stand out and get noticed
All you need is clear, straightforward guidance right from the start.  And that’s exactly what you’re going to get in How to Start a Successful Candle-Making Business. Inside, you’ll discover:
  • Candle-making business basics – understand the fundamentals of the industry so you can be confident you’re starting on the right foot
  • A comprehensive look at the elements of candle making (brush up your skills or learn the essentials – start from wherever you’re at)
  • Why the type of candle you make matters (discover what customers are really looking for)
  • How to uplevel your candle-making kit for business success (exactly what you need… and which corners you must never cut)
  • The beginner’s guide to business structure and legal requirements (remember: anyone can start a business – you just need to know the fundamentals)
  • How to research the candle-making market like a pro (and why doing so will be the secret to your success)
  • Essential budgeting and pricing advice (plus: how to secure funding if you don’t have the capital to invest upfront)
  • A carefully curated run-down of the best resources for candle-making professionals –- so you know you’re keeping up with the market
  • Your foolproof guide to crafting the perfect business plan (no matter how little experience you have)
  • Creating a brand and naming your company – even the business side can get your creative juices flowing!
  • From Sale #1 to success – discover how to grow, expand, and explode your business
And much more. If you’re looking at your candle moulds and wishing you had the entrepreneurial know-how to make your love for candle-making pay, your panic is over! You don’t need a business degree to set up a business… You just need passion, drive, and a little guidance. And with that in your back pocket… Your future as a professional candlemaker awaits you.

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